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Revolution S01E11 With Sinhala Subtitles

REVOLUTION [Season 01 Episode 11]

Miles leads the rebel squad out of Philadelphia and away from Monroe’s helicopters and machine guns. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Rachel tries to redeem herself by providing power to the rebels, but once again must leave her children, Charlie and Danny, behind. As if there wasn’t enough heat, romantic sparks ignite between Miles and Nora………..

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Ripper Street S01E08 With Sinhala Subtitles

RIPPER STREET [Season 01 Episode 08]

Reid is adrift and his team in pieces and Leman Street is shaken to its foundations following recent events. With Abberline convinced that Jackson is The Ripper, the captain is in custody and facing the death penalty. Reid is convinced of Jackson’s innocence, and brings in Joseph Lavender (Linal Haft) who had seen The Ripper with one of his victims the previous year, but Lavender proves not to be the key to Jackson’s release from custody. Reid seeks solace with Miss Goren and Drake with Bella, one of Long Susan’s girls. Rose leaves the brothel to stay at Mrs Reid’s shelter and, through a newspaper lonely hearts page, she seeks out a wealthy husband. When Rose disappears, Reid and Drake suspect that a white slavery ring is operating in their midst, with previous Ripper suspect, Victor Silver (David Oakes), at its head. Reid reveals Silver was one of the missing victims from the boat accident that he and his daughter were on……….

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Ripper Street S01E07 With Sinhala Subtitles

RIPPER STREET [Season 01 Episode 07]

An international shipping magnate, Theodore P Swift (Ian McElhinney), arrives in London with his Pinkerton retinue to complete the acquisition of an ailing London shipping line. The leader of the visiting Pinkerton clan, Frank Goodnight (Edoardo Ballerini), badly wants to find Captain Homer Jackson. Jackson, however, doesn’t wish to be found. Meanwhile the murdered body of an engineer, inventor of a new ship’s engine that could save the ailing company, draws Reid’s attention just as Jackson and Long Susan’s past comes back to haunt them……….

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Ripper Street S01E06 With Sinhala Subtitles

RIPPER STREET [Season 01 Episode 06]

With the London Dock Strike of 1889 leading to protests in the streets of London, the killing of Jewish anarchist Joshua Bloom (Ferdinand Kingsley) in a bomb explosion and the wrecking of the International Working Men’s Club in Berner Street sees Reid and the team fighting international terrorism lead by Russian spy Peter Morris (Peter Ferdinando). Jackson, using his Pinkerton experience, goes undercover to infiltrate the strikers but Reid is warned off the case by Commissioner James Monro (Michael McElhatton) and Superintendent Constantine (Derek Riddell) of Special Branch who seems to have prior knowledge of Morris’ activities, Jackson’s past and Reid’s daughter’s death………..

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Ripper Street S01E05 With Sinhala Subtitles

RIPPER STREET [Season 01 Episode 05]

A military style robbery is a puzzle to Detective Inspector Reid when the stolen gems are returned save for one blue sapphire. Drake’s heart has fallen for Rose, and he hopes for a life with her, despite warnings from Reid and Jackson. She, however, has dreams of being an actress. Drake is confronted with his past when his former commanding officer during the Mahdist War, Colonel Madoc Faulkner (Iain Glen) returns to London to seek compensation for the ‘unjust’ treatment of the British army’s soldiers by planning an audacious robbery of the Royal Mint, requiring Drake’s help to gain entry……….

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Ripper Street S01E04 With Sinhala Subtitles

RIPPER STREET [Season 01 Episode 04]

The clearing of a Whitechapel slum for the underground railway by progressive councillor Stanley J. Bone (Paul McGann) of the new LCC reveals a murder scene of two bodies, two young children in an adjoining room and an unreliable girl witness. Lucy Eames (Emma Rigby), a beautiful, disturbed, three months pregnant former 16 year old prostitute at Long Susan’s brothel, is the centre of a complex web of conspiracy which involves benevolent Dr. Karl Crabb (Anton Lesser), a leading psychiatrist specialising in lobotomies. Reid discovers one killer is someone he knows and the mystery children are taken from the safety of Miss Goren’s (Lucy Cohu) orphanage as Reid closes in on a solution that leads to corruption and abuse by seemingly respectable individuals……….

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