TERRA NOVA With Sinhala Subtitles



The series is initially set in C.E. 2149, when overpopulation and declining air quality threatens all life on Earth. When scientists discover a temporal rift permitting human transmission they initiate a series of “pilgrimages” to a parallel “time stream” resembling Earth’s Cretaceous Period. The series focuses primarily on policeman James ‘Jim’ Shannon, his wife Elisabeth, and their three children Josh, Maddy, and Zoë, as they join the colony there, named “Terra Nova” for “New Earth” or “New World” in Latin and Portuguese.


01st & 02nd Episodes (Genesis) >>

03rd Episode (Instinct) >>

04th Episode (What Remains) >>

05th Episode (The Runaway) >>

06th Episode (Bylaw) >>

07th Episode (Nightfall) >>

08th Episode (Proof) >>

09th Episode (Vs.) >>

10th Episode (Now You See Me) >>

11th Episode (Within) >>

12th & 13th Episodes (Occupation & Resistance) >>


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